Introduction to Squad System

The Squad System is used to ensure that each swimmer is catered for with their current ability so that they can progress to eventually reach their full potential.

  • SENIOR SQUAD: These swimmers are normally accomplished swimmers. These are swimmers who are fully committed to their swimming training and are focused on national and/or international competitiveness. Attendance: 6 – 8 times a week made up of 2 to 3 morning and 5 afternoon training sessions per week
  • JUNIOR SQUAD: These swimmers are well on the way to becoming accomplished swimmers. Swimmers should have mastered advanced stroke drills and interval training. Attendance: 5 – 7 times a week made up of have 5 afternoon and 1 – 2 morning training session per week.
  • SUB-JUNIOR SQUAD: These swimmers still have some way to go in honing their abilities. Swimmers may still be participating in other sports, but show an inclination towards competitive swimming. Attendance: 4 – 5 times a week made up of 5 afternoon training sessions.
  • INTERMEDIATE SQUAD: These swimmers are the beginners and are making their first steps towards a Squad System. Aspiring swimmers are instructed on the basics of good stroke mechanics, kicking and proficient breathing. Attendance: a maximum of 3 training sessions per week.