Gala Entry Procedures

Parents and swimmers are kindly requested to follow the gala entry procedures to enable timeous and effective administration of gala entries.

Gala Entry Procedure

  • The Gala Administrator, will send out a reminder to all members to register for galas via email. This email will go to parents as well as senior swimmers who are on the club mailing list.
  • Swimmers need to consult with their respective coaches who will advise them on what events to register for.
  • Once gala entries have been confirmed with the respective coach, parents or senior swimmers need to send an email to the Gala Administrator at least 2 days before the cut off time for entries. NO verbal entries will be accepted.
  • Entries must be sent in writing to the Gala Administrator via email confirming the event number and description of each race.
  • The Administrator will complete a club entry file and send this to the EGA or relevant hosting club, along with a payment from Dragon’s Swimming Club.
  • Once received, the EGA or relevant hosting club will compile a final gala Psych sheet and send this back to the Dragon’s Gala Administrator who will send it out to swimmers and parents for checking.
  • If for any reason swimmers need to change events or withdraw from a gala at this stage, it will need to be done in writing so that the EGA or Hosting club can be notified. This will hopefully alleviate “No Shows” at galas and avoid fines being administered.
  • Costs to cover gala entry fees will be deducted from the Gala Entries Fund kitty to ensure that no time is lost in recovering payments. It is each parents responsibility to check their gala entry balances and make sure that they are always in credit to cover gala entry costs.
  • Should you not receive confirmation of gala entries approximately a week before the event, please contact the Gala Administrator.
  • Should no written correspondence of non-attendance be received from the parents by the stipulated closing date, their child will not be entered into the gala. Gala entry fees will then apply and your club account will be debited accordingly.
  • The Team Manager for the gala will be advised and full gala details and final Psych Sheets will be sent out to parents and swimmers.

Responsibility of the parents / swimmers

  • To check the calendar for upcoming events on a regular basis and ensure that their swimmer is available to swim.
  • To check draft entries on receipt from the Gala Administrator
  • To advise the Gala Administrator at least 2 weeks prior to a gala if the swimmer is unable to participate after registration.
  • Swimmers to arrive early at marshalling to avoid being scrathed from events.
  • Swimmers are to ensure that they have not taken any prohibited drugs before participating in a gala.